Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy belated Thankgiving!! I again was on hiatus from my PC for the weekend, plus with three teenagers in the house who could even get close to the monitor. (You guys are wretched computer hogs, you know who you are!!) Well, since I'm back at work I can hog my computer here all day, actually I probably couldn't give it away if I tried (ha ha) mine all mine!!
I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday, I know we did, had ham with all the fixings yum!! Got our Christmas tree up the same day. Since these are the last holidays before the kids go to college, we trying to enjoy them as much as possible.
Friday, which is shop till you drop day, I spent the day painting my bathroom since we're getting the house ready to sell there are odds and ends (isn't that always the case, odds and ends that never end) needing to get done so Friday was a good day for that, (God only knows I was not about the venture out and fight traffic, crabby shoppers and annoyed sales people )now I have to do the other bathroom, wish I had another four days off to complete it, maybe this weekend I'll get to that. Crafting --- humm let me think---- no nothing there not even one stitch or weave, depressing isn't it.

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