Friday, March 16, 2007

Baby Gifts

I've finished the baby gifts for my sons' aunt who just had a baby girl. I used various looms to make each item, it was a lot of fun and challenging to figure out which loom, I needed to accomplish all the gift items (I can't figure out why this portion of text is underlined).

The close up photo is of a baby hat on the blue KK loom with the knit stitch, the burp bib is done on my fine gauge knitting board with rib, eyelet and stockinette stitches and the baby blanket is a compliation of Tri loom woven triangles two strands held together, that have been pieced together. I crocheted an edge around the blanket and a chain crochet in pink for the baby's name. I must admit that this was really interesting to use different looms with different stitches and weave to get such a complimentary gift set. I hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoyed make them. :)


tonya said...

your baby gift set is absolutely gorgeous!. I love everything about them, the colors, the cute little bows and the monogram details. Wonderful!!!

Amoonsinger said...

Those are lovely. I like the idea of the eyelet on the burp bib. That is so pretty.


Pam's World said...

You did an excellent job!! You're sooo creative! When will we see a pattern for that adorable set? :o)
Hint hint!

Rennie said...

I just found out this last week that my first Grandchild will be making its appearance late October. I would love to be able to make a set like this as the first gift to our new baby. Will you be sharing the pattern ?

Best Wishes, Rennie