Thursday, March 01, 2007


First I'd like to warn any men reading this blog the next few lines are for the ladies for that time of the month so, if you don't need to know please don't read on. I made this little purse about a year ago when I first received my Hazel Rose loom, this was one of my samples, I started playing with it and came up with this little purse. It's one 18" loomed tri - folded over to make a square stitched on both inside flaps to make it sturdy and then the top flap is held by a button and a loop made of crochet chain. After I made it I couldn't figure out what I could use it for until my daughter saw it, she immediatly told me she was needing something to put in her bag when she was in school so that if her bag fell open the pads would not slide out. She can fit two maxi pads in there and keep them from roaming her bag. It was an easy project that I didn't think had any usefulness, but it really does, so I'm very pleased with the results.

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