Thursday, March 22, 2007

Comments and Pattern

Thank you for the great comments, I appreciate them. I tried to upload the instructions for the folks that wanted them but blogger is being excruciatingly difficult today so please follow the link to the Board Knitter Group (on the left side of the blog) and the pattern is in the file section under Patterns. Enjoy!! (if you are not a member don't worry I will approve you quickly)

For the Hat I used the KK blue and knitted a regular baby hat.

For the Blanket I used 14" tri loom and wove 12 tri's stitched together with a simple crochet edge. The monogram was a crocheted chain stitch that I sew on to the one tri.

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andrea logan said...

i think your baby set is beautiful can you share how it was made if the blanket was done on a tri loom I have a 2 in one will that do