Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Chunky Sweater, Baby Ghan and Prom

It's been a busy week and weekend, with my DD's Prom (that's her in the white and her BFF) I thought they looked gorgeous. They were so excited to go and have fun. I was really happy for them, they've been friends since 6th grade.
Mom's day was also wonderful, I got to go to my SIL home and spend time with my hubby's family, this was a real treat since they really don't get together that often.
On the looming, I have two new projects, along with the rest, although I have neglected my weaving and am getting ants in the pants about not working on it. But in my defense I have been working on the new "chunky sweater" that's the great yarn I got over at called beach. In my opinion, for what it's worth, I think they should have called it ocean, because the colors are true to the Atlantic Ocean from an areal view and since I live only 20 mins from Miami Beach, I really know what the colors look like up close and personal (it's almost beach season for the locals). I really like working with the yarn it's holding together nicely, specially since I frogged that sleeve (in the pic) eight (8) times already with the old adage running in my mind on rewind "If you do it right the first time you don't have to do it over".. even the DH had something to say on the fourth (4) rip out, but he wised up after threatening him with bodily harm with very pointy knitting needles, he's decided not to make any more comments on my frogging. **wicked smile** I can get into Prozac needing mode when I can't figure out what I need to do on a project. LOL. Yes I know what a pain in the a#$, but I really wanted it a certain way and since I'm writing the pattern as I go along I really can't accept it, if it isn't done correctly. (we're being a bit of stickler on this one eh? hehe).
On the baby ghan, this one is my relaxer knit, sooooo very easy and I only need to count to four (4), quite frankly at times that's the most I can count to without loosing the little bit of sanity I have left at the end of the day. So this one I knit when I'm watching tv, or listening to talk radio and the brain cells can just relax in the monotony of the stitch, funny I never thought monotony was something I would like, go figure...

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