Wednesday, May 30, 2007


We took a 3 hour drive down to Key West, FL on Saturday, Memorial Day weekend. It was so much fun, we rented scooters, had a dip in the ocean and ate Key Lime Pie from the Blond Giraffe Key Lime Factory as Rachel Ray would say "yumo".

Beautiful beach and white sand.

From left to right our friend, hubby and me. (gosh I need to loose #'s) you don't realize how you've spread until someone takes a picture. hehehehehe.

On the right is a two seater scooter it has two wheels in the front, one in the front and it drives with handle bars. Loads of fun!!

This is the southern most point in the USA only 90 miles to Cuba, my birth country. There is a line at this point that is at least 20 mins. long to take this one shot, if your Cuban is totally worth it, cause it's the closest you'll ever get to your parent's homeland.

In other news my daughter graduated from High School on Tuesday, although the school district picked a historical site, they must not have realized that it was under construction on the exterior and everyone's pictures would have fencing, scaffolding etc.. but, she was so happy and mom was emotional. Amazing how 18 yrs fly by before you realize the kids are growing up. On Friday my son will graduate and then we're done with the high school portion of their education, geez, I guess my paycheck and the two of them will go to college soon. 8o( **my wallet is wimpering** That's gonna put a kibosh on fiber art spending for a while, I guess I will need to stock up over the summer. LOL
Hubby gave me a graduation present that totally floored me, he said it was for being his kid's mom, and help him raise them, we've had his kids since we married in 95, they were only five and four at the time. He gave me a 1.75 tcw diamond bridal set WOW!!! I took a photo but it was really blurry so I couldn't show everyone, of course I loved it haven't taken it off since I received it.

The Happy Graduate!!

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