Wednesday, May 09, 2007

There's a baby on the way

One of our friend's daughter is pregnant, so I started a new baby blanket, thanks to some help from a group member. I saw this stitch on her blog and asked for the basics after some sample and frogging I think I've got it (Theresa's looks a lot better than mine but I like the chunkiness of it). I used a camera from work and of course the pics are awful, I must take a better shot. But the stitch is a rib and alternate rib something or other, really the names of these stitches are getting ridiculous, I've look through some knitting books to see if there is something compatible in them for a real name but I have found anything yet. At one point last year I thought I'd seen this stitch in another blog which was a K2P2 in this stitch you wrap the K2P2 then reverse, it really is a pretty stitch once you get the hang of it. I'm using the KKII blue with two strands of ww 4 ply soft acrylic Wintuk, which was in the "yarn estate" we here at work inherited last year.
Florida is burning up this spring, there are eight brush fires in various counties, we are getting the smoke, ash and haze from the west coast and everyone I know is having difficulties with their allergies, your truly included. We need rain and it's no where to be found, I pray it comes soon because there are going to be a lot of sick people and damaged acreage. If you want to see what's going on this is a good report.

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Amoonsinger said...

I did have a pdf file with pictures of this stitch. When I redid my patterns section I didn't add it back but still have plans to do that.

It is still in one of the prior posts but I cannot remember which month. There are two different stitches, the K2P2, and the K2P1 that was posted. The first came from a file that Lynn Carpenter had on her group, frameknitting at yahoo, and the other I came up with myself.