Monday, July 16, 2007

Knitting Updates

Not too long ago someone (and I forget who, I'm sorry if you read my blog please let me know it's you) posted on the boardknitter group a project that consisted of a jean vest with knitted arms, I thought the idea was great. A few weekends ago on one of my outlet mall shopping trips I picked up a jean vest from JC Penney's for only $7.99 and I of course was already planning on the sleeves. Yesterday I went to Michael's and got this really yummy yarn from Patons it's 75% acrylic with the rest in wool this is what I got // I love it I held it in my hands for 20 mins or so to see if I would have an allergic reaction, and I didn't so I bought 3 skeins and I also bought circular knitting needles. Yes I am going to try to knit the sleeves with the needles instead of the knitting board. I started last night and it's going well, I'm using my Creative Knitting Mag for stitch instructions and Mary Thomas's knitting book for the cables I'm doing. It hasn't been as complicated as I had experienced in the past, maybe the board knitting has helped me understand how needle knitting works, I'm actually excited to see how it goes. Since there are some items I'd like to make and the board it not adequate for them. I also finished the doggie sweater for Sasha, she wasn't happy (hates to have clothes on but shivers to death in the cold) that was an easy knit and I used my FG knitting board and some Red Hart baby yarn in pastels and I knitted a baby hat to go with the baby blanket. I think I've been pretty productive this weekend althought I think I need to pace myself would want this to become an addiction. That's an understatement LOL. ;0)

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