Friday, July 20, 2007


Finally Finished!! I finished my 1st panel for the Ruana am I happy oh YES!! The following is a small pictorial of my progress, during this one, I had to move my tri loom to my office lunch room because of the sale of the house. So the background has changed some. We're planning to go to North Carolina, Thanksgiving week and would like to have the ruana finished to wear it. I put it on Sexy Susan, my model to see how it looked. I love the drape and the feel of the fabric, this one is really soft, unlike the red and white shawl that was very stiff. I haven't washed yet as I still need to make the other panel, but I don't think it will stiffen after washing either.

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Anne said...

Love the subtle colors on this! Can't wait to see it as a ruana. If it were mine, I'd be wearing it as a shawl while weaving that other half, it's just too pretty to resist!