Friday, July 27, 2007


FROGGED!!! I had to frog my sleeve WHAAAAAAA!! I did about 10 inches and then decided that I didn't like it and it was toooooooo wide. Since I'm a extreme novice needle knitter, I started the sleeve from the shoulder down decreasing as I went along, well that did work, so now I've started from the cuff up, it seems to be going alot better with the increasing for my forearm. I'll see how it goes along, although I need to run to get some more of this yarn, I didn't know how much I would need and 3 skiens is not going to cut it. Yeah yarn shopping again, speaking of which, the Rag Shop chain of hobby stores is going out of business here the stores are closing up really fast. I have a store close by that is buried in a shopping center and no one even knows it's there. I was in there last week and bought some circular needles size 10mm for my chunky yarn, some stitch holders for cables and stitch markers, I saw a ton of yarn and really fell in love with a soft chunky ivory color acrylic blend, but there was no price on any of the skiens, since I was with DH and he has a total dislike of craft stores I rushed out and didn't ask, but tonight my son and DH are going out and I'm going shopping. Gotta love dad & son night (hehehehe)

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