Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I finished the colorful scarf and I have to say I really like it. It's for a 11 yr old and I think she will like it also. Since I'm on a learning curve, what I got from this one project, is to not roll out the fabric to peek and see what the colors look like, if your weaving is even etc.. cause once to start rolling the cloth beam up again you will not have the same tension, believe me I did it this time and it's not a good habit to have. My ends on this project were uneven and it posed all kinds of problems for me. So that is a definite no-no.
I'm warping the loom once again for another scarf, I know the never ending scarf and table runner posts, hehe, but hey I have presents to get to before the holidays. I know it seem early, but I'm one of those pesky people that get all the Christmas shopping done before November, sometimes if I'm lucky even October. I can just see you rolling your eyes at me, but I refuse to be stressed out, in a mall with thousands of angry holiday shoppers, just not my style. I rather be home looking at them on t.v. and thinking they're just masochists, doing the same thing every year and expecting different results.


Sorka said...

I have to say I have been enjoying your weaving!! It has all been very nice and I can see you progressing!! Awsome!
I had tried weaving before loom knitting and simply have no space to leave the loom out or work the warp so I will stick with my knitting!
I LOVE your model!! Coool!!


Thanks, I hope to do some more exciting stuff soon. I also want to let you know I downloaded the pattern for the shawl in your pic and am going to try to knit this weekend.