Monday, September 17, 2007

Comparing Weft/Warp and Place mats

I finished the place mats, which are not what I expected, but that's another story. What we have in these pics are the comparisons between the warp and the weft yarns. On the bottom is the table runner which I used ecru as the warp and multi yarn for the weft. The weft is very pronounced therefore leaving the color light and subtle. On the left is a smaller table runner that has both weft and warp in multi color the color is very visible and form an erratic but pleasing pattern. On the top is my place mat that has 4" of both weft and warp multi color and 10" of warp multi and weft ecru, where the ecru is the weft the color is pronounce as if it were painted on the place mat is wide strokes. The differences between them is really interesting I like the results of the multi/multi and the multi/ecru weft. This was a great experience and experiment in playing with color and position of yarn. I have made my decision on the table runners one will be multi/multi and then multi/ecru with stripes.

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Leigh said...

I like the plaid-like look of multicolors in both warp and weft. But I like the one with the ecru warp as well. It always amazes me how things turn out afer they're woven. Not usually what one expects!