Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gee Looky here yet another scarf!!

I know I'm killing you all slowly with the scarves, but presents can't wait, and some of you are leaving comments so I guess it's not as boring as I thought ( yeah right). So here is the latest, I love the colors on this one, just my style. The yarn is good old Red Hart, for the weft I forgot the name, and Caron Simple Soft for the warp. I like the sequence of the striping on this yarn nice and even.

Remember these hair nets, well my sister in law sold them for $10.00/ea.!! My nieces go to ballet class and they have wear their hair in buns, so she put these on the girls and the other mom's went wild. Trust me I know they are over priced, sort of like the pidge scarf, which has made it's rounds on the groups, see here (but I'm not complaining). I think that you can price your work for as much as the market can bear. I have to make three more and send them to her, hey I consider it yarn money and who can't use more of that!

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Leigh said...

I love the way the color sequence is working out with the weft. Very attractive. I agree with you that presents won't wait. I can't believe that October is almost here! Scarves are always a great thing to weave. They are a wonderful way to sample new weaves, colors, and yarns.