Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blue/Brown Scarf

I finally finished this scarf yet another present. I have also finished two panels on my knitted sweater top. My sister in law has also placed more orders for those hair net thingys, you know I'm shocked that they're selling as they are, but I don't really feel like make anymore. Must be some sort of weird psych thing or just my strange personality, I don't mind making things for gifts, requests etc.. but once I'm asked to make things especially repetitive things, I tend to not want to make them and procrastinate until I need to hand them over.
Does anyone else feel this way, react this way? God only knows I like getting paid for the items, but getting them done well that's another issue, I know I'll finish them and get it out the door, I just don't feel motivated, weird huh?

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