Thursday, October 25, 2007


This one is my SIL's present for Christmas,
I'm in the middle of twist fringing and am having my usual difficulties I can't cut the suckers even no matter what I do so. I will fringe long tie then re-tie higher and cut across. (if someone has a trick, tip for this I'd appreciate some help as it seems I can never get it right LOL) This piece measures 114" of woven fabric and the fringes are 8" or 7" depending on which one you measure hehe.. I need to wash it and am concerned it will shrink too much, her table with some drop measures 112" so 2" of shrink would be great, but since I used cotton I know it's going go a lot smaller. I guess I'll wash it and not dry it in the dryer and that should help. I've never blocked anything and don't know if this would help the stop the shrinking, I guess this is a question for the groups.
I have one more table runner to make for Christmas ( the 122" one)and then I'm done with those creatures for a while, I was thinking of making matching dishtowels but, those will be either needle knitted or loomed. I've asked my RugTalk group on yahoo about pile rugs, if I get my answers from them and it's positive that will be the next project.


Leigh said...

I love your blog's new look. Very clever to put the tall photo on the sidebar. The table runner looks good too, and I'm with you about trying to get fringe even. I've had the best luck cutting the warp with a rotary cutter and ruler, but evern that doesn't guarantee good results. Hence I sometimes make the fringe deliberately and blatently uneven! I'll be interested in any tips you get on this subject.

Hazel said...

Nice runner!
I found I can get the fringe more even if I trim it before I twist and tie.
Just something to try.

Karen said...

Nice job on the table runner. Love the colors! Can't wait to see how the baby blanket turns out.