Friday, October 05, 2007

New Knitting

I've started a new sweater with the yarn I had left over from the cabled sleeve I did for the jean jacket I want to do the sweater that's in the magazine (the white only) only not so long and with long sleeves, that one is short sleeved, which IMO is worthless if I can wear short sleeves I don't need a sweater. But whatever the buyers were thinking it's irrelevant at this point. So I found this pattern and I thought it would be a great top substitute for the sweater and the bottom I'm getting from my Cables Untangled book, I plan to make the sleeves kimono style like the pattern but with some of the open weave cable stitching to match the bottom. This should be an interesting if not challenging knit. So far I can purl and knit without even thinking about it so I guess my needle knitting is coming along. The picture above is of the back of the sweater, since I have different yarn than what the pattern called for I'm measuring and adjusting as I go for my body shape and size. I really excited about this one and hope I can get through it.

There hasn't been much weaving this week, I had a biopsy on my uterus (ouch!!) and that put the kibosh on weaving and exercising. But once the results are in it will be all worth the discomfort and cramps.


Leigh said...

First of all, I hope your medical report comes back with excellent results!

Second, I agree with you about short sleeve sweaters! I love that pattern on knitty. Thanks for the link.

Very exciting that you are moving to NC! The southern Appalachian area is a crafters/artists paradise. You will find no end to the inspiration and encouragement you will find there.


My only wish is that I could move sooner, but since the kids decided to stay home and go to local universities, I have no choice.

Thanks for the good wishes.