Wednesday, March 19, 2008


TA-DA!! I took my class on Sunday and produced this. So it's not perfect but hey, I got the concept. The class was informative and I found out a few tips on how to accomplish some basic knitting techniques that I lacked. The LYS owner, was in a different mode while teaching and was not at all critical of my use of my weirdo knitting, met some other knitters that were really nice and like me not that accomplished so I felt comfortable and tried my best to follow along.
Since completing this scary swatch I cast on for my stash busting afghan. I inherited a bunch of (old) huh vintage yarn from a co-worker's mom that passed about two years ago. The colors are very different, the yarn is coarser than you find in today's market, but once you wash it, the stitches relax and the fabric softens. I'll post some of that later once I get some rows completed. I'm also almost finished with my DD's sweater, one sleeve to go, yeah , just in time for summer, oh well she can use it in the lab class she says you can chill a side of beef in there.

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