Friday, March 14, 2008

LYS Class and Baby Blanket

I'm coming out of my cold/flu and have been working on the baby blanket trying to finish it. I bought flannel material and have begun pinning it to the reverse side. As I'm doing this I realize that the darn thing is not straight nor even, the stitches took up so where the mitered squares are is 1/2" larger than the body. I thought about stretching it, but I just don't know I'll see how I do this weekend with it.

In other news, I signed up @ the snobby LYS store that got this post, for the Entrelac class on Sunday from 3 to 5 pm. I took my hubby's advice, he simply stated, "Don't keep them from letting you learn something you want to, it's only 2 hours and you can handle 2 hours". So he's right, I really do want to learn to do this technique, it's for my stash buster afghan, and besides I'm a tough cookie, I can handle it for that short time. I'll just weirdo knit, and drive everyone crazy, while I learn a new technique. So wish me luck, I'll try to be a good girl and keep my inner snarky under control, hehe.

I have no project pics since wiping my nose, coughing and headache don't mix with photography so here is a pic from my trip. Even though I was freezing I'd rather be there.

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Kansas A said...

Good to see you on the mend :)
Thanks for the hugs on my bad day! Everything turned out okay and Jumbo came home :)