Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mish Mash and Then Some

I finished the woven sample this one is 25.5 " x 25.5" (wasn't planned this way it just happened) on my RH with the 12.5 dpi heddle, crochet cotton. It's very open and airy really nice drape, what I don't like are the edges, which are my fault, because I smashed them as I was weaving I have to learn not to pull too tight on weft so that they would be more uniform with the rest of the fabric. I could see a very pretty shawl in the near future with this yarn. It's pink, beige, brown and cream it's really lovely and I'm looking forward to working with it.

In the knitting department I finished my sweater, it doesn't seem that the color variation is such a big deal once it was all put together, so I'm keeping it. It's been washed, dried and blocked and it feels so soft. I'll really enjoy it on my next trip in February to NC.

I have been currently knitting this for my DD in light blue and heather grey for the body, but I stop dead in my tracks last light as I cast on the front, why might you ask, well my co-worker is 6mnths preggos and I have not started her baby ghan (YIIIIIKEES!!). So in my panic stricken state I started to dig around for my copies if Creative Knitting and I found this

I like the mitered square afghan they had and think it's simple enough to accomplish in a smaller size for a baby, I wanted a bit of a challenge in my knitting since I'm a newbie. I did a quick search on the web and found that I am about two years too late for the mitered square crazy from the Mason Dixon Knitting book, just as well, I'm sure that bloggers were getting dizzy over all the posts of colors, patterns, stripes etc.. So what I'll do as to not get anyone to roll their eyes when they read about my mitered square ghan is, I'll post only one square and won't post again til it's finished (saving you the grief of having to view countless squares. So I'm armed with my mag, my Knitting Answer Book (I think this is a must have for baby knitters) , yarn, circs, straights, and stitch markers, wish me luck!

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