Monday, September 15, 2008

Actual Weaving

I finally got around to warping my loom for the baby blanket, It's been a while since my loom was sitting nakkid and I was outta practice. I got it warped and as I was zipping along getting into the groove of things
I find this, arrrrgggghhhhh a knot! In the middle of the skein after I've threaded 6 wraps through. Yes I was annoyed but I wasn't about to undo any of the wraps since I was getting close to the end of the yarn and didn't want to risk not having enough to finish.
Once I got over myself, I started to weave, and my back started to ache, I guess four hours of warping and weaving was all I could stand, I'd forgotten about that part but was quickly, if not painfully reminded. I like the colors and the stripes, I want to embelish them after I'm done with some embroidered flowers, ribbon and cute buttons.
This is 12" of 36" x 2 blankets, I guess @ four hours per session I should be done in a few days.


Peg in South Carolina said...

They are going to be lovely and the embroidery will make them extra special. You can easily take care of the knot on the loom. Just treat it like a broken end. You can also mend it off the loom, but I much prefer doing that kind of thing on the loom.


I thought about embroidering over it once I get there, although my hubby said he thought it might fall in the fringe then I can get rid of it all together. I know it can be resolved but it's annoying to find inside of a skein. Lately I get alot of that even with some handspun I've purchased.

Meg in Nelson said...

Looking good! Pretty in pink. The blanket looks so cheerful, and in good contrast to the color of your heddles. (Can you tell it's spring over here?)


Spring?? Wow, we're just entering fall actually 9/22 is the first day of fall, but not here in Miami it's 98 degrees all the time ugh!!