Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I had a great vacation and am back to my daily routine, amazing how hard it is to come back into your normal life after a few days. We visited the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Animal Kingdom and Epcot, by far my favorite Disney Parks. Although I think that Disney should change the jingle from "the happiest place on earth" to " the most aggravating place for parents on earth". I love kids, I have three of my own, but I witnessed the total meltdown of both parents and kids at least a dozen times this weekend. It was scary and wickedly funny, cause really does anyone think that kids at Disney are not over stimulated, tired or cranky by 4:00 in the afternoon? Well obviously I saw a few parents who missed that tidbit.

This is the Weaver's Loom in Holy Land it was an interesting upright loom with pegs, the actress playing the part didn't know anything about it or weaving, but she was a sweet girl. She didn't even have a beating fork and was using a carpenter's file to beat the weft in place very odd to see, this is what was on the loom and she said they would use it for a rug at one of the exhibits. Each one of the weft pegs were holding up to 10 picks each, which made for a dense fabric. This is a pic of a woven fabric I saw at the Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom it was faded and worn from the sun and rain, but the embroidery was outstanding.
Then this is a panel from the same attraction, although not woven but carved, I found that the colors were really vibrant and the pattern just spoke to me, I loved this one and thought it would make an insanely beautiful tapestry, if I ever intend to play with that medium some day. After a few shots like these the hubster was starting to get antsy, and asked me to please curtail the weaving, knitting picture taking for the vacation. So I did, although in hindsight I really should have taken some pics of the Moroccan textiles, but I know I'll be back there so no big deal.
And since we drove to and fro, I got to finish these baby wash cloths at least half of the presents are finished on these two sets.
So all in all I had a great time and enjoyed the time off, but I'm also glad to be back, as I have a lot of ideas and plans for my fiber crafts.


Leigh said...

Sounds like you had a great time. The Weaver's Loom was very interesting. Any idea where they got their information from?


No she had no idea why she was weaving the way she was and where the loom came from. It was great to see but not educational.

Leigh said...

Interesting. On looking closer it is some sort of peg loom. I suppose hand manipulation of the weft on a small loom seems accurate for the time period, but Job 7:6 speaks of his days being faster than a weaver's shuttle, and we weavers appreciate that comparison immediately. Goliath's spear was compared to a weaver's beam. Considering that Goliath was some 9 feet tall, they're talking about one whopping big loom there!