Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Knitting Up a Storm

I'm up to my dish pan hands in knitted dish towels this is the latest pattern Clover Tweed Dishcloth. I loved the pattern and thought it would be great for my SIL, since her kitchen is all ocean inspired. I have exactly three more to go and I'll be finished with the knitting of the these for Christmas, whew I can't wait after a while knitting these get tedious although they are a great knit for Knit Nite, I don't need to think and I can gab all nite without making any mistakes.

This, on the other hand is my sweater it's the February Lady Sweater pattern which I fell in love with in August. I purchased Universal Yarn LP in WW in 75% acrylic 25% wool, I using my Harmony needles with a 60" cable. I have to say it is really soft and squishy yarn I love the feel of it as I knit, I also appreciate the long print of the colors they almost get around the entire sweater before a color change happens. This is my first top down raglan sweater and it's going well. I learned to make button holes from cable cast on instead of the usual YO, which was really interesting and a new technique. Best of all I love the colors they are just what I would wear and I hope that there will be some kind of winter this year so that I could get some use out of the sweater.I don't have any weaving pics because well it looks the same only with more yardage, so I won't bore you guys with it. I hope to finish sometime this weekend and start to do the embroidering, I guess then the pics will be worth taking.

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