Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I have the flu, so if this following is sporadic, please excuse me, I'm in a self medicated over the counter drug induced state of mind or better out of mind:

I wanted to share a few more photos of my vacation with you all along with the weaving loom pics that I found in the Holyland Experience I also have these pic of the model of Jerusalem A.D. 66 as you can see it's large and the detail was fantastic, I found that this exhibit captured my attention in an interesting way. Everything here was hand painted, all the people have faces and expressions, nothing was left untouched by the artists' hands. The detail and time it took to build (seven years, and three to paint) really hit me; just the tenacity of the team that worked on it, really was amazing and inspiring. The artist in me wanted to touch it, feel the pieces, but I was not allowed, I wonder what makes us want to touch and feel things, I find I want to do this all the time as if my hands can relate a different message to my brain than my eyes.
Of course I thought well, that's how we in the fibre community also work whether you work alone, in a guild or workshops it takes years of weaving or knitting, handling fibre, playing, sampling, swatching, creating and tinkering before we come up with, if we ever do, a perfect piece of fabric. A fabric that satisfies the soul, mind and heart, wouldn't that be a sight!
Funny how all creative and inspired artists tend to have the same bend to satisfy yourself with creativity, beauty and work. Even though you may not be happy with what you create, it's still a product of your mind's eye, what you think it should look like visually, feel like texturally. It's a powerful statement that artists make; expression of self and the ability to inspire.


Meg in Nelson said...

Good grief, what a "view"! I too share your urge to reach out and touch them. How fascinating!

You take care of yourself. Not much happening outside anyway, so lots of fluid, good rest, and colorful thoughts!

Leigh said...

Well said.

Sorry to hear about the flu! Do take care of yourself!

Linda said...

There isn't a lot of fun to be had with the flu... hope you get well quick! Your pics are gorgeous and I would love have this in my living room to look at every day!