Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Burn Test Results

I finally got around to burning the mystery yarn. They burned and extinguish almost immediately, smelled like hair, but didn't have the ash that wool would have had. I think it's a blended yarn, some animal hair with acrylic or polyester as the label says.
my whole office smells like burn wet dog LOL everyone has come in asking "What's on fire, please don't tell me the toaster oven caught fire again?" (yeah we had this happen and it was scary, fire extinguishers, water, a really big mess, I think the troops are still weary of the new toaster oven).


Delighted Hands said...

Sometimes we need to take drastic measures when working with fiber! lol

Meg in Nelson said...

I have about a dozen I need to check. I think I'll wait until the hay fever season is over, though.