Friday, September 04, 2009

Visualizing Concepts

I was contemplating doing a log cabin weave scarf with different colors, of course I can picture it in my mind but can't seem to picture what the threading would be like I've played with it in my mind for a good part of two weeks. I went to my reference books in which I found my tried and true Plain Weave is Anything But Plain by Leslie Voiers , this is my go to reference, especially when I have something in my head that needs some structure and explaining for such a small booklet, it packs a ton of useful information. The draft for log cabin is simple and really not complicated unless you muddle it up in your head and it comes out as something else I know I did that with this baby blanket. (after finding that post I'm in shock I've been weaving for a while and still feel like a newbie baby weaver, does that feeling ever go away?)

But my concept of the cabin with subtle changes in the color is really appealing to me. So of course I studied the book and think I have come up with the right sequence, although someone with much more experience is probably going DUH, I still have trouble putting my thoughts to actually fabric. I'd like to use the green colors of my cotton chenille with the the one constant color of the gold (although the gold might be to bold of a color) if that doesn't work then I will stay within the greens from bolder to lightest. I have a small frame loom, I'm going to play with before I warp my loom. I thought I would start with the deeper green and finish with the light green and have the color gradually form a faded effect. Both these sets of yarn have enough green to play with.

These are the days I wished I had a warping board, although I would know how to even get the yarn to the loom after that. I must really consider and save up some $$ to take a weaving course at J. Campbell Folk School in NC, that of course is on my bucket list, some people want to go to Europe or Japan, me I just want to go there, I guess I don't qualify as a having lofty travel dreams. Heck Mr. Deepend and I have even discussed selling our house and traveling the country in an RV for a year or two, but it's always the $$ issues that put a halt on all that mighty talk of just get up and go, ah but for the burden of responsibility.


Delighted Hands said...

I can relate to your newbie woes. I have a little success and feel the thrill and then get knocked right back on my haunches by the next project! I have no teachers except the ones I find on-line and encouragement I get from blogfriends! $$ can't really stop you from the essence of your dreams....


Doesn't it just suck to be in Florida and no where near any weavers? I know $$ is not the end of all dreams, but you sure do need it to acomplish them. Hopefully the economy will turn and with that some dreams will come to light.