Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Warp, Shrimp and Coffee

(I'm sorry if your blood rushes to your right ear as you view the pic but blogger is special when pictures are involved.) This of course is my sad attempt at log cabin, ahem shall we say NOT. It's okay one day I will actually just follow the directions and do it right, but I have to say I love the color combination on this one and am just going to weave randomly a bit of green, gold, sage and light green. This reminds me of sea grass at the shore, so that's what we'll name it. I warped 9ft of cotton chenille with my 12.5 dpi heddle, tabby weave I may do some waffle pick ups and see how it goes. After a few hours of warping and weaving, I needed some chow and this was definitely a welcome treat. I love shrimp pasta with lemon butter sauce it's the bestest, (as my kids use to say) with some white wine and garlic toast, it made me forget about warps, wefts, house, kids, husband, yeah it's that good!
We are also gearing up for another festival and have been doing the maintenance work on the coffee cart. We always have to get it cleaned and make sure all the equipment works before we go to any festival, nothing beats a properly maintained espresso machine, trust me we found out the hard way but as all the concessionaires we've met say, you'll never do it again after you learn the hard way, which is very true. There's the packing and sorting of all the syrups, cups, lids, various sugars, stirrers and straws. Before we started this venture, I never knew how much really goes into a specialty coffee drink and for that matter what it took for the food vendors and craft people to set up at the festivals and fairs, I have new found respect for these hard working people. There is the espresso machine, the regular coffee maker, coffee grinders for each machine, air pots, and the ice tea dispenser. Then inside the cart is the clean filtered water tank and the dark water tank, pump and various hoses and electrical wiring to make the whole thing work. It really is a neat little setup and we've enjoyed the festival circuit as much as we have been able to do, it gets tricky with full time jobs and we only have so many vacation days.
These are some pics of the cart at a few festivals we have attended.

If your in the Stuart, FL area we'll be at the Martin County Nautical Flea Market and Seafood Festival Sept 18-19 & 20, stop by and say hi, I'd love to meet a few bloggy friends.

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Delighted Hands said...

I sympathize with the blogspot idiosyncrasies! The colors are exciting no matter what the angle. Have fun at the festival!