Saturday, January 30, 2010

Away too much stuff to talk about.

I have a ton of stuff swimming around in my head and my hands have been really busy. I won't yet discuss the loom because I need to play with it first, but you should know it's clean and ready to go, I just have to figure out how to dress it, so many little heddles.. I've been spoiled by my RH and inkle, the simpler looms only one hole and one slot to worry about.

I've has some time this weekend to play with my sewing. Mr. Deepend had inventory and worked late Friday and most of Saturday, which left me to my own devices, a very scary prospect, according to him, but I really love having devoted time to my projects.
These little buggers have been on my mind since last year when we went away in May to a B&B in Lake Wales. They were sitting in the bathroom and for sale at the gift shop. I didn't want to purchase one already made in China of course so I took mental notes and a few photos. I'd woven this fabric with not too much in mind but after it was finish, I had an inkling I would make the tissue holders. I started with my fabric ironed on some fusible webbing (thanks to my mom's magic closet) and started to sew. The first one was my tester and the second the real product. One side of the envelope is closed so the box can't side out the other is held together with Velcro, I used the small stick round ones and added some fabric glue to the backs to reinforce them.

I made tassels and macrame the the end strings with a bead. Then sewed them one to the opening.

This is the finished product and I really love the way they turned out. My daughter's already claimed she's going to put them on Etsy because they are worthy of that site, I don't know they were some work, especially since I'm not a seam tress much to my poor mom's chagrin, her only daughter and can't really sew past the easy bits. But hey, I got me some other talents, LOL. If you can't have everything, you make due with the gifts you do have. Final decorator shot on my nightstand.


Delighted Hands said...

Very pretty! I think they are indeed decorator worthy.

ladyoftheloom said...

Such a cute idea! I really like that.

Benita said...

I agree with your daughter. And you are the only person I know who didn't buy something because they could make it - and did make it! Congratulations!!!

bspinner said...

Very impressive!!!!!!! And in my colors too.