Monday, January 18, 2010

I finished the woven fabric and was contemplating what it would become. I like all three of the weaving effects I got from the different yarn and textures the center pic with the most texture is my favorite. I have to wash and dry it to see how it all reacts to each other and if it will soften out.
After finishing a piece either woven or knitted I always have a period of grieving. I know it sounds so damn trivial, but I always feel like I'm done, that it's finished. I take a day or so to plan out what I want to do next. Since I have no clue what I would like the fabric to be I'll let the thought simmer and work on something that was long overdue. I had warped my loom for a log cabin piece a few times, each with disastrous results, but last night my head was clear and I could visualize what I wanted and how it needed to be accomplished.
I warped my RH for a log cabin scarf, I love these colors together the coolness of the turquoise and the warmth of the chocolate brown.

I'm having some trouble keeping the shuttles organized and haven't developed a rhythm with it yet but I'm enjoying the results and watching the pattern come alive.


Benita said...

Ahhh... I love log cabin! A couple of my weaving students have chosen it as their scarf project because they loved the scarf I show them as a sample.

One of my last students used turquise and brown in her scarf and it turned out beautifully. I can't wait to see what yours will look like when it is done. What kind of yarn are you using?


I'm using Mirabela and Fantina, both I got a year ago from ebay both are from Belguim, acrylic but as soft as buddah! I'm allergic to wool, so most of my projects are with snythetic fibers. I have some alpaca and cashmere that I may part with to loom. I'm still contemplating that option as they were expensive and loom waste is so heartbreaking.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Keep at it. You'll work out a way that is best for you.
I like to start designing my next project as I am weaving the current one. This avoids the I'm all done blues.

Delighted Hands said...

I usually have the lull between projects; I put so much energy into the ONE at the moment it takes a bit of recharging before beginning another one. I love the fabric you wove, fun how they are almost gradated -did you plan that affect? The new weaving is beautiful!!! Love how complicated it looks.

Leigh said...

I love log cabin too!

Interesting about your feeling of grief when you finish a project. That tells me that you put a lot of yourself into your work. An excellent trait!

Julie said...

You really make it look easy! I like the colors and the pattern you used.