Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Planning the Maiden Warp

I was really excited yesterday with my package and forgot that we had a showing for the house. The potential buyers were there for 2 1/2 hours, they didn't leave until 7:30 pm at which point I was starving and had a headache. After we went to get something to eat and had a moment to discuss what had happened (Contract Pending) it was well after 10:00pm, to late to start a warp that would make any sense. That was really fine with me I was tired and wanted to sleep more than anything at that point. I woke up at 5:30am and decided that I needed to rummage through the yarn and find the cotton or linen I'd seen when the boxes first made it to the house. Mr. Deepend thought I was nuts, but knew that Monday was an overload to my system and just let me have my time with one of the things makes me really happy, YARN. (blogger is posting pics sideways, sorry but it seems to have a quirk today) I picked these because the only reed I have cleaned and finished is the 15 and
am limited to what I can use at the moment, but I got some Naval Jelly and woohoo is that stuff great, I'll be powering through the rusty reeds by Sunday. I forgot who suggested it in the comment, but THANK YOU, my fingers and hands love you right now.

This is the taupe looking one and it seems to be linen, burned like it was too.

This is the black it is 75% Rayon 25% Linen

These you can actually read the labels. The colors are a bit drab, but I figure I can whip something up that looks half way decent and I get to practice on the loom.
I threaded some snippets through the reed just to make sure they would work. I'm still getting the hang of the numbering system for weaving yarn and assume I can figure it out after going through the books I have. You'd think by now that would be old hat, but I've never been able to wrap my brain around it.
I'm planning on something simple to get the feel of the loom and figure out how to warp it, although I would love to use 8 harnesses I think I may get myself confused, so I want to build up to that point. Having always warped on directly to the RH, spoiled me and the Structo was a mission, but I think that was because the loom was so small it was a bit frustrating. I think since I was accustom to warping back to front I may try to do that with this one too. I have the book Learning to Weave and will have it handy as I go about working on my loom. I also plan to weave the linen yarn with each other and the same goes for the Orlon since one set is natural fiber and the other acrylic, but very soft, maybe for a scarf or shawl.


Acorn to Oak said...

Sorry to hear you didn't get to play with your new loom last night. But, it sounds like you got good news on your house. I didn't even realize you were selling your house. I hope today works out better so you'll get to play. I still don't understand those weaving yarn numbers either. Maybe someday. lol Have a great day!

Theresa said...

Congrats on the contract. And on getting the warp together. Woot again.
I have found Learning to Weave completely useless to me. I get so lost in what she's trying to tell me.
If you get stuck give me a shout via e-mail, I'll send you my phone and can walk you through BTF warping.
Have you found a new house????? More studio space maybe..;)


Thanks Acorn, at least I don't feel alone in the numbers. We've been trying to sell the house for over a year, took it off the market in early Jan and decided in July to put it up again.
Theresa - you bet I'll call you if I get stuck! I'm not looking to buy another house here in Florida, the main reason we wanted to sell is that we want to go north to either NW GA or NC in 5 yrs. I will be renting and saving $$ our taxes and insurance premiums alone are an extra 8k a year and projected to rise 13% & 20% respectively within a year. I would love to find a place where I can have my own room.

Delighted Hands said...

Did you have fun with the loom Tuesday?! I hope you have good news on the house-NW Ga is beautiful...and a lot cooler than where you are now!