Monday, August 30, 2010

New Toys

Mr. Deepend thanks everyone for the well wishes, we had a great time this weekend, it was non stop fun.
I received my order from The Woolery I was so excited, shipping was lightning fast. The bobbin winder is a Louet hand winder, I love the color of the wood and it was easy to put together. I wound 3 bobbins in no time, so much better than hand winding, I just need to learn to control the tension and spread of the yarn evenly through the length of the bobbin.
I also got a new warping paddle, can't wait to make a mess with that. I'll have to watch the you tube video a couple of times to get the motions of using it down. A new Harrisville shuttle that needs to get oiled and 20 wooden bobbins.

I didn't have any time to play with my loom with weekend, but have scheduled time tonight. I have new toys and no time to play with them, which is a bummer. I'm so happy that next weekend is a long one!


Delighted Hands said...

The new toys will wait for you to play! Ready , set, go!

Judy said...

Nice weaving tools!!

Theresa said...

Fun fun! That looks like an awfully nice bobbin winder.

Leigh said...

What fun! I love the Woolery. You got some great stuff.

Julie said...

Looks like alot of fun stuff!