Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Okay I promised some photos and here they are of course the dates are off (duh) but oh well, they're posted. The first one is a close up of my grandma's shawl then a full shot of it on the tri loom, yes I know it's not a pretty shot of it up close but it's working out evenly once I pull it off the loom and wash it should be great. I debating the fringe, since I have the color changes I need to fringe the shawl, but I was thinking of spacing them every 20 nails and then tying them together with a macrame knot. I did this with the blue log cabin sampler and thought it turn out really nice. The other picture is of the famous sweater that I did on the KK purple loom used as a rake, and I finally found a zipper that fits (yes!!) So I'm knitting a cord on my four peg corder to sew around the edges of the entire sweater and collar.

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Sorka said...

Ooooh are you trying to tempt me into another fiber art???