Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Round KK's, Trilooms and stuff

Well, I've been knitting a sweater for myself on the green KK round for the sleeves and since I got the new KK longs I'm going to try to knit the body in the round on the lt blue one (I think that's the largest one, not sure) I'd like to try not to have to seam it anywhere but where the sleeves meet the armhole opening. I am using a Samba yarn from Big Lots I got for a $1.oo each in a maroone color with orange and yellow tufts, really gorgeous yarn much prettier than I described. Unfortunately they ran out and the last ball I got is a different color than the others, same dye lot and brand but noticeably different in shade. Oh well, so the sleeves will have samba in them and the body won't, no biggy just a forced creative decision (ha!! I knew I could turn that around in my favor). I'm doing 1 over 1 in Caron Simply Soft for the body and arms gives it an open weave effect I really like and since I'm in Florida my sweater don't need to be thick, yet another plus in my favor.

On the tri-loom I still have my grandma's shawl, it's taking longer than I though it would but since I only work on it in the evenings, I guess my progress is not so bad, plus running out of yarn in the middle is also a delay factor, but I got more now and today I plan on really making a dent in it. I'd like to try to finish it this weekend and get my ruana going, I'd like to take that with me on my trip to NC in December, I got over six weeks to weave two tri's and sew them together I think I can do it in time. I would love to do the log cabin pattern for it, but I don't really like fringe and I can't get around it with this technique so maybe two over two would be good I have some sport weight I could try out and see if it works for me. I'll put up some WIP pics for you all to see.

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