Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Comments, New Sweater and Wine Bottle Cover


Thank you all for the comments you sure know how to make a girl feel good. I am not trying to lure **wink wink - Denise** anyone to the tri loom but it sure it fun. Liz, the loom dresses itself with the warp and weft going at the same time if you'd like more info try yahoo groups Triloom, there's a bunch of great people there with a ton of knowledge. To the rest of my fans, I like to thank all the little people that make me fabulously famous and filthy rich without you ** Oh no!!!! sorry, that's from my 15 mins of fame speech for my academy award** ROFLOL.

New Sweater

I started a new sweater (picture above) cause I just can't seem to look at any of my bare naked looms screaming at me WHAT NO YARN!! ( heheheh). Plus, I always need something to work on at lunch and a 7' triloom just doesn't travel well. I knitted the sleeves on

the green KK and started the sweater on the lt blue KKII's I want to see if I can't knit it in the round with no seams, I just can't wait to figure out the arm holes and V-neck. ;o0

Wine Bottle Cover

Since Christmas is around the corner and I'm really not that busy *insert eyeroll here* I decided it would be nice to knit some wine bottle covers instead of going to the DOLLAR STORE and buying them, you know, that personal touch. Well let me tell you, I have been knitting this cover since TUESDAY mind you, nothing fancy, but I decided that I would try the knit stitch, which is the one that you place the yarn over the loop instead take your hook and pull it under take it off the peg and then put the new loop on....... instead of the ewrap stitch which now has a different name the twist/ ewrap/ knit stitch, but that's another topic altogether. This stitch is driving my nuts, I forget and so I purl and not knit and I knit and not purl where I need to, so needless to say I'm annoyed, cause it's not going fast enough to do as many as I need, I love the look of the stitch but since I need speed the rest will definately be done with ewrap and purl. I guess it didn't help that I was watching a movie last night either (hehehehehehehe). I'm not as multitask-ketted (new word) as I thought. Okay enough nonsense, later gator.

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