Tuesday, April 17, 2007


It didn't take me too long to get started on a new shawl. This one will be a ruana, I'm going to make two shawls and crochet them together to make the ruana (this one is actually for me). I started last night and decided to do 12 blocks of heather grey and 4 blocks of cream white. You can almost see it in the picture, I figure once I get some more done I'll be able to notice the color change. (keep watching for progress pics).
On the cable sweater front I had to frog the hoodie, yes it was painful, but I couldn't get it to attach to the sweater the way I wanted it to so, I shifted gears and changed the pattern, (it's easier to do this if your the designer and not a pattern hehehe, trust me I use the word designer very loosely) I'm now knitting a collar instead. If I counted right ( you all know that's my challenge counting stitches and rows) the collar should work out just right. I'm planning to make a loop for a button but I'm not really sure yet I'll have to see once I finish what kind of details I will add.
On a happier note I received my Jo-Ann package today with you guessed it more yarn!!! It's called "Beach" it's blues, greens, lime and turquoise terrific deep ocean colors, I LOVE IT. The yarn is Red Heart Grande, super bulky. I'm planning another sweater, on the larger gauge looms the KK long looms I'll have to do a swatch and see what would work out.
I just found out that my kids will be graduating different days one on May 29 and the other on June 1, which is the week of Memorial Day on Monday, guess who's going to miss a lot of work?? WOOHOOO!!!! I'm so proud of them, to think not so long ago they were babies. Scary how time flies by.
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