Friday, April 13, 2007

Peppermint Stick Shawl

Modeled by Sexy Susan (my usual model my daughter is on strike and soon to be off to college so I have to get use to Susy LOL).

Finally it's finished!!!!!!!!

Peppermint Stick?! Well, of course there's a story behind that name, one of the more talented ladies on my TriLoom Group gave my shawl this name, she's followed my annoying progress for awhile and I liked it so it stuck. I crocheted the edge which to my surprise did not take as long and wasn't as despicable as I thought it would be. I'm a professed non-crocheter, not because I don't know how, but because as a kid my grand always gave me a summer project to complete and she only knew how to crochet so guess what I spent summers learning and ripping out and doing over. Well now that I've gotten older I can really appreciate what she taught me, cause I really haven't forgotten, even though I haven't crocheted in years, just little edges here and there. Funny how your perspective changes with age.

Well some of the things I learned make this one; patience is not only a virtue but an absolute resolve when working on the large loom. Yes the process is beautiful but it is not painless, of course I have boo boos in it but now I know better. My loom is 7' with the nails 3/8" apart with 756 nails / 252 on all sides. The shawl turned out to be 6'2" across the hypotenuse, which I thought would be really large but in wrapping myself around in it really wasn't enough material , I'm a size 12 or x-large.When I first got it off the loom the fabric was as stiff as a board I use Red Heart WW yarn since I planned to give it to my grand and I knew she would wash it and dry it in the machine, I needed something durable. After I washed it and air dried it soften up quite a bit but really doesn't drape much. I think it's because the nails are so close and the fabric is so dense, but since this is the first I'm not sure, but I will figure this out. Since I'm allergic to natural yarns, I knew I needed to work with acrylics, mostly 4ply WW usually my preferred choice of yarn is Caron's Simply Soft in whatever color, it's really soft and fluffy and everything I make with it I love. The next shawl will be a cut length shawl I've made a few samples on my small tri and I really like the concept and the look. I'm going to use sport weight yarn and make a ruana and see how that works out since the yarn is thinner maybe I'll get the drape I'm after, if that's not the answer then I guess I might pull out every other nail and try again. I'll keep you posted and hopefully this project won't take 5 months to complete since I have to do two shawls to get the one ruana (hehehe). Cut Thread Sample (next big shawl project)

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