Friday, April 20, 2007

Update on the new Ruana

I decided to stop calling this one a shawl, and call it by it's final outcome a ruana. For those of you who have not seen a ruana or want to see a really great ones, here is an awesome website for these I love the red one here. If you knit check out the fisherman's sweaters, beautiful cable work on those. Of course my ruana will be different in which I will have to points in the front and one in the back. After having to frog the first attempt this is the second try . I likey this one! Although I'm not getting the same effect as my sample one below, I hope it will show up after I remove it wash it etc.. If not then it will still be a great ruana for me. I'm going to have to figure out what to do with the fringe thingy I really don't like fringe that much, I may cut it short or do some kind of macrame knot to it, I don't know yet, and quite frankly I'm really well away from that, but since I can already picture it in my mind it's hard for me not to plan ahead. I received my booklets from Linda Smith's Tri-Loom I have to say they are packed with information very well written with content page, and a resource page, her personality really comes through in her writing style. Lots of different weaving techniques on the tri loom and very interesting, my only complaint is that for me, I would have liked more photos. I'm a visual learner so pictures to me are very helpful with instructions, but I'm going to experiment on my small loom with the weaving patterns and then take digitals and put them in each section this way down the road when my mind has forgotten what it looked like I have it in the fiber library, which I'm slowly building up.

The second pic is of my new yarn called "beach" with this one I'm planning a sweater which will be chunky warm and oh so soft, can you tell I'm going to really like this one? I going to knit up a swatch today and see how the gauge is on my purple KK loom.

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Anne said...

The ruana's looking good! I like your color choice and I like the new start better than the pattern in the first start. I've got a cut thread on the big loom too, but mine is just a shawl. However, I am also working on a ruana that I'll be piecing together from my 18" loom. I bet yours gets done first. Can't wait to see it finished.