Monday, April 09, 2007


Cable sweater back, sides and part of sleeve

Tri Loom Shawl Completed!!

Well I finally finished the triloom shawl I've been working on since November, why so long?? No excuses I've been lazy about it, plus since it was for my grandmother, I just couldn't work on it without crying, which hinders sight and enthusiasm. Now my only concern is how to finish it off, fringe, crochet edges or spoolie knit edging? I didn't give it much thought past finishing it last night maybe tonight I'll come up with the answer. It looks squiggly in the center, this is because I could push the yarn over as I wove, my pick was not really that great for this loom, but I got an afro pick with long teeth and the next one will be better. I can't believe I'm already planning the next one ;o) (as is with all fiber addicts LOL)
On another note, I've been working on my cable sweater, at work on my lunch time and I'm getting close to finishing. YES! I'm really excited about this one since it's my first sweater. I've notice that I have some mistakes on the sleeves that need to be fixed, I increased more on one than the other, and the hoodie has one leg that attaches to the front longer also, must be somethin' up with the counting of rows hehehe.. hard to watch Maury and knit and be part of a lively conversation in the lunch room but all in all I think it's going to turn out great. I have about 20 more rows to go and then I should start assembling the back and sides. Can't wait!!

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Kena said...

Dropped in to say "hi" from triloom group at yahoo. I have a tri loom waiting to be setup, when I get the keys to my new studio. I have woven a few shawls on borrowed looms but I really needed my own!! :-)

I like your "Peppermint Stick" shawl!