Friday, April 27, 2007

Ruana & Cable Sweater Progress

I know it doesn't look like much, but I really truely have been working on it. I couldn't resist my new chunky yarn and started yet another sweater soI think I've put in two (2) hours into weaving, yes I know it's shameful but true, must make note to self NO MORE NEW YARN!! hehe as if that really makes a difference. I have some free time this weekend so I'm going to try to finish it up and have a posting and pic on Monday. On the cable sweater project I have completed the arms **happy dance** which I will also be attaching this weekend . I've started re-designing the collar portion I'll be working on that at lunch time, so I can be done with (hopefully) the next two weeks.
In other news I got a new CAR!!! I'm so excited it's sooooooooo cute I've been wanting a sports car for well forever!! I had one when I didn't have (ahem) kids, *wink wink*, but since they are all graduating and drive YES!!! I don't need a SUV anymore!! What I'd get check it out here yeah that's what I got. Really cool, or as my adult children would say "off the hook, it's kicking" "old lady with a twin turbo charge" I really didn't appreciate the last one, but you know to a 19, 18, & 17 yr old - 41 is ancient.


Amoonsinger said...

Oh my, I have tried that "no more yarn purchases". I told myself that just recently. Then day before yesterday I bought more yarn. Not fancy stuff, but some beautiful colors in red heart that I didn't have, to go with a couple that I bought a week before. It is so addicting this yarn stuff.

Ah the car, it is not an "old lady with a twin turbo charge", it is an "experienced lady after the prison release (the children are grown, freedom at last, well till grands get here)". ROFLOL

Toni said...

I love your weaving loom did you make it yourself? I like the shawl you made and the Ruana looks as though its going to be beautiful. my website is drop by when you can