Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Shopping Bag

This is my bounty for one night of shopping I first went to the Rag Shop, which is going out of business. The factory mill ends were $ 3.50 for four skein of unknown yarn and weight, the Bates circular needles are silvalume 5mm $ 2.90 the Bates circular 10 mm $ 3.99 , the stitch holders smaller were .90 and larger $1.25, the Knit Check $ 1.50, stitch markers .49 each. At Michael's I had coupons for 40% off, there I bought the Clover Bamboo circulars 6.5mm and the best chunky yarn with my scarf swap partner in mind, I also have some novelty eyelash yarn with the same colors and that going to make a great scarf . All in all I think I did really good with the shopping spree, and I now have more needle knitting supplies to keep going with the learning process.

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Leigh said...

Hi! I was delighted to find your comment on my blog. I'm interested in your triloom weaving as I am planning to pull my triloom out later this month for a project (it's been a long time though :) Your Ruana is gorgeous, and I love your idea of knitting sleeves for the jean vest. Very creative!