Thursday, August 09, 2007


Here's the famous Jean Vest with Sweater arms project, my second needle knitting project completed, am I happy? You betcha!! I emblished the pockets with a simple crochet chain (yeah I crochet under protest every once in a blue moon) and sewed it on. It looks really cute and I like the cable detail on the arms. I did find that I didn't increase properly for the arms, but once I sewed it together you can't really tell. Now I have to wash the garment and lay it flat to dry as per the instructions on the yarn label.
In other excited news I have started the scarf for the September Scarf Swap you can take a peek here Septswap-07 (I finally learned to link hehe)
I've frogged this scarf about 4 times, I didn't like the guage the first, the stitch the second, the novelty yarn third, so needless to say, I'm being picky. Funny since I'm sending it to the other end of the country for someone else, I'm second guessing my workmanship, funny huh?? But trust me I'll get it together and Jennifer in Alaska is going to get one sweet scarf.
I also got a kid's table loom a Brio weaving loom, not much on instructions but it's a good starter at least I think it will be to start learning to weave. I think I want to do some placemats in some cotton yarn and see how they go if it's something I think I will enjoy then I'll save up and get the Ashford Ridged Heddle loom I've been oogling.

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Kansas A said...

Oh I love it! It looks so stylish and it's definitely something I would wear!! Great job! :)