Thursday, August 30, 2007

Woven Baby Blanket

I started a baby blanket for a co-worker, the colors are pink, blue, mint and yellow for the weft and white for the warp. This little blankie gave me a run for my money, I warped the loom and started weaving and on the 10th pass I saw that the end warps were so tight that I could roll the fabric into the front beam. Problems, you guessed it, loads of them, since this is only my second project did I freak, you betcha. I undid the weaving, unrolled the warp not once, nor twice but a whopping four yes, four times. Every time I re rolled I got the same problem so finally I saw what was going on. I put pattern paper in between the warp to separate the yarn and keep it straight. Well I was not being careful with the end warps and they were wrapping around the beam instead of on top of the paper along with the other warps. So I finally fix the issue and started weaving, what a relief that was, since I'm a baby weaver, little issue like that are stressful. I know your laughing, but I sure wasn't at the time, I thought I was going to trash the whole project and I wasn't looking forward to re-warping the loom after spending two nights the first time. Definitely warping is a process, I need to learn to enjoy.


Leigh said...

Good for you for figuring that out! It seems that every warp presents some sort of learning opportunity; either with the yarn, or the weave structure, or the loom itself. Your first scarf is gorgeous and this one is coming along nicely too. I think you're a weaving natural.


Thanks, I was persitent and it paid off, although my DH thought I was nuts for awhile. hehe. I don't know about being a natural, but I do really enjoy weaving, it's so relaxing and I love watching the fabric take shape.

Kansas A said...

I am absolutely clueless when it comes to "warp" and "weft" and any kind of weaving... but I have to say you do a beautiful job :)