Monday, August 27, 2007


I took my new Ashford home Friday, and assembled it, only took 20 mins,(I didn't realize how large the loom was until it was put together) I then warped it which took another 40 mins and started to weave, I finished this scarf in about two hours. I used the project suggestion that came with the loom, but I didn't want to use the novelty yarn as suggested so I used for the warp Caron Simply Soft in Heather Grey and for the weft Red Hart in Sea Blue, which formed some great looking stripes. I wove the scarf in two hours, I thought it would take longer, but the weaving was easy and rythmic, just wonderful. This scarf will be a gift for Elizabeth, who's studing in Maryland, I'm sure she'll love the colors. I can fully appreciate why weavers, love this craft, I can't wait to start something else, hehehe.
Now I need to learn what the DPI stands for, how not to squish the right side to keep my weaving ends even, how to cut the fabric, so I can sew it instead of fringing, and how the heck to do a twisted fringe, cause no matter what I did, the stuff wouldn't twist. I have some research and reading to do today on these subjects, hopefully I can find what I need online.
The only thing I wish I would have ordered was the stand for the loom, it's definately needed, I used my dining room table and sat the loom on my lap as the instructions suggested that was okay until I noticed this morning I have a bruise so, I have to order the stand as soon as I save some more $$.


RiverCitySTL said...

Nice work! I too am new to weaving, and I love the stand. It is soooo worth the cost!

Gail & Fog said...

HI! It's Gail form the ahoo weaving group, here to tell you how to make twisted fringe- it is so easy. After removing your weaving from the loom and taking off any waste yarn, weight the weaving so that you can pull against it. Hold one bunch of warp threads in each hand. The number of threads should equal not more than 1/4" of weaving width., so if 12 warp threads=1", hold 3 threads in each hand. Twist one group clockwise, until they begin to twist over on themselves. Twist the second group of thread clockwise also, until they begin to twist over on themselves. Finally hold both groups of threads together, and allow them to twist counterclockwise over each other. Tie an overhand knot and trim close to knot.


Thanks Gail, I'll try it the way you've explained. I'm working on a baby blanket right now, which I think I'll finish this weekend and I'll give the twisted fringe a shot on that project.