Friday, August 24, 2007


I got my new Ashford 32" RH loom, ****super happy dance**** ;oD. I love it, now I have to put it together, yikes, but it looks simple enough (famous last words before I screw up) haha.

Na I'm pretty much mechanically inclined, love to build furniture and if I can knit, loom and weave, tools do not faze me as long as they are small ones LOL. Hopefully I can build it, warp it and get my butt in gear before the weekend is out. So what should I make first, you know 32" is a lot of loom space, especially since I've been doodling around with that baby Brio, I got a whopping 5" of width on a scarf I'm weaving , thank God it's for a little girl and it's a fashion scarf so thin and long is the way to go on that one.

So what should me first project be, any suggestions??


RiverCitySTL said...

Yay! Merry early Christmas to you! I know how you felt when you opened that box....snoopy dance time!

How about a shawl for the fall season? I'm on a shawl kick myself :)

Leigh said...

Congratulations! I am really curious about RH weaving. The possibilities are endless: a wider scarf?, a shawl?, place mats?, dish towels??????