Friday, January 04, 2008


I have decided that, although I don't do lists because, I think they remind us of failures more than accomplishments, this year, I will, against my better judgement make a list.

I, as many a fibre aficionado, (oooohhhh I like that word) have more than my share (hoard) of yarn, so this year I will not buy yarn for any new projects until I'm finished with the stash that currently resides in my drawers, all of which have a designated projects attached to them, this of course brings me to my list.

Weaving Projects for 2008

Baby Blanket (1)
Baby Blanket (2)
Place Mats
Log Cabin Scarf
Bath Mats (2)
Table Runner (2)

Knitting Projects for 2008
DD's Sweater (in progress)
Stash Busting Afghan
Cable Sweater
Learn Entrelac
Learn to use DPN's

This should keep me busy for a while at least it's motivation to get rid of the yarn. :o)

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Leigh said...

You're very brave to make a list, especially for the whole world to see! It did occur to me that I need to use up more of my stash, but I can never pass up a good weaving yarn bargain when I see one. *sigh*