Friday, January 11, 2008

So Much for Resolutions

Only 7 days after I posted the no buy new yarn blah, blah, blah.... guess what happened, when I went to Big Lots looking for some plastic bins? Where do you think I wound up? In the yarn section of course! After debating with my inner hoarder for about 15 seconds, I bought 10 skeins each of this ever so soft yarn Bernat's LuLu in GoGo Mint Green and Paton's Be Mine Wuzzy White (1 point for the hoarder 0 for the sensible me, hangs head in shame LOL but they were $1.00/ea.). Both yarns require 5.5mm needles which will work out great.

For what and why might you ask after all the talk of not buy anything and stash busting, well my niece is preggos and I think this would be the softest baby blankie I could knit. Now I'm in search of a pattern something simple and not too fuzzy both yarns are a type of boucle and have enough happening in the texture.

This is why lists don't really work for me ;0)

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