Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Sunday night I finished the last scarf for SSVE, I washed it and twist fringed (ugh), someone should come up with a gadget for twisting fringe it's annoying. I've commissioned the DD to take some pictures, hopefully all the photography classes she's taken will come in handy ;o).

Whenever I finish a project I get the blues, like oh it's done, now what? sort of a process of grief, I know it sounds silly but I always feel that way for a day, then I look at the finished piece and get total satisfaction in the completedness (new word?) of it.

So in my euphoria of completedness, I cast on a toddler hat to go with the flyaway cardi I knitted for Abby, it's on DPN's, to knit in the round, God help me. I cast on just fine not a problem understood how to separate the stitches amongst the needles, (always easy with a calculator, no I'm not a math wiz (hangs head in shame). I started the ever so simple pattern I found here on a great blog, thank God bloggers are so generous with time and advice. As I started the pattern I being the idiot novice knitter I got through the K2, P2 rib and joining the piece just fine, then came the stockinette stitch and I thought I had to purl once I passed the start point and knit on the RS, never mind that I've knitting on the knitting loom in the round, this tidbit of experience for some ungodly reason disappeared from the memory bank. Needless to say I had to frog and start over another one of my favorite things, ;o( this time I ribbed and kept knitting, not because I had an "AHA" moment but simply forgot about the start and finish. I just kept chugging along having issues with the needles in my way (how do you guys hold these things to knit so they don't protrude everywhere?) as I knitted each row I low and behold it worked, DUH!!

Yes, I should have known but I didn't realize the concept was the same as knitting with looms in the round, why I don't really know, sometime all the info in my head is just there, then something triggers and the whole right/left hemispheres seems to click and pass info to each other, amazing how that works LOL. So I guess I can maybe think about doing a pair of socks, which is the only thing hubby has asked for and I'm deathly afraid of doing. I would need the easiest sock pattern designed, non wool yarn in sock weight, I don't think I've ever seen any, and tiny dpn's, I don't really care for really small needles. Oh the challenges of loving the DH to death, only for this man would I ever attempt knitting socks.


Kimber (Woven~N~Spun) said...

A battery operated hair braider (just do an ebay search for hair braider) works WONDERS. I bought one in January and I am so glad I did. No more manual twisting fringe. Just clamp the two pieces to be twisted in and it twists both pieces one way then twists the two together in seconds.

Peg in South Carolina said...

The grief issue is not weird; it is normal. Unless I have another interesting project waiting in the wings, I find myself weaving or knitting more and more slowly as I get to the end. I just hate to get to the end in those circumstances. On the other hand, having an interesting project waiting in the wings helps me finish a current project I might hate working on!


Thank you Kimberly, I will search for this hair braider extrodinaire. Really anything but doing it manually.

dorothy in wyoming said...

and there are manual fringe twisters in fiber shops some do one at a time some do 2 grin great little gadgets.

There are some pure cotton sock yarns out and some that are cotton and bamboo or other new fiber. You just have to look for them. They are not as common as the wool blends. I am thinking that Panda Cotton is wool free but don't quote me on that but may be a good place to start your search.

Good luck with your socks. They are not hard just boring for the most part.