Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Book and Some Knitting

Since I can't show you any of the current weaving, because it's for SSVE I'll show you the next best thing.

The new Textures and Patterns for the Rigid Heddle Loom, by Betty L. Davenport it's an update to her earlier textures RH weaving book!!!! I'm so excited!!! ( I literally did a happy dance at the mailbox yesterday, yes my neighbors think I'm nuts, but I don't care) I receive my book for review and from my brief look at the pages, I'm really impressed, there is a ton of information and some really impressive weave structures, I didn't know I could achieve with my RH, I've already started drooling over a Twill Band Runner at the end of the book that is calling (ah - screaming) my name.
I've been putting off sampling from the various books that I own, but I'm resolved that the project for the summer will be samples of the weave structures I find the most interesting . I have a feeling that this book will be invaluable to me. There's a lot of lace and hand mani's that I can't wait to try. I may even start a WAL (weave-a -long) on the RH loom group and get some members motivated to join me.
But before I start I need some help from my more experienced weaving buds; What should I use for sampling? (please remember that I'm allergic to animal fibres).
Should I have color or basic white/ecru?
Your answers will guide my next yarn purchase,(as if I need a push for towards buying yarn, LOL) thanks in advance!
On the knitting front I've been busy with the entrelac stash buster afghan, I've gone from warm to cool colors and intend to keep the sequence going. On my trip to Naples, Fl with hubby and mom, she express such interest in this afghan, little does she know it's hers. The project is starting to get weighty, I can work on three or four rows (which is about two hours) and then quit because my hands get sore, I've never had this happen and it's a surprise, I usually don't have any problems with my hands but then again, as my co workers tell me, the older you get the more stuff hurts, at 42 I'm the baby in the office so everyone, has little purls of wisdom in that department. Really I just think it weighs too much for me to carry it with my non-knitting fingers for a long period of time, but don't tell them that, they don't need to know hehehe..
And for my last shot of the day; this is the beginning of the sweater from the pattern in Knit Simple which was in this post I've been challenged by this one also, but the pattern is written for easy following by newbie knitters, which I appreciate. The only thing I'm confused about are the increases, they are in the front for the allowance of the sleeves, but not on the back?! Since it's my first top down and in the round knit I guess I have to just wait, knit and see.

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