Friday, May 16, 2008

New Toy and Some Weaving

I got an inkle loom that was a great deal on Ebay. Since I didn't know if I was going to really enjoy weaving on it I didn't want to spend a lot. Well, I love it! what an interesting gadget, warping had it's challenges, but once I got through it, I started weaving. So far I only started today at lunch, since I can take the loom home just yet, ( I have to figure out how to tell DH that I bought yet another weaving loom, hehe).

Warped and started.

Side view of the warped inkle.

Close up of the strip.
I have two 3oz skeins of this particular yarn and want to finish it on something so I'll be weaving strips until it's gone. But I have a plan for the strips - your gonna love this, I plan to then take the strips and weave them into fabric for a bag.


Kimberly Wowven ~N~ Spun said...

too funny....I bought an inkle loom today to use as an inkle, but also for card weaving. I should have it on Monday or Tuesday.

Leigh said...

I've never had nor never tried an inkle loom. I like your idea of weaving the strips in to fabric for a bag. That would be recycled weaving.