Monday, May 05, 2008


Another FO, whew, I need to pace myself. I going to set a precedence for actually posting FO's LOL. This was the cardi that I was complaining about the pattern, still not happy with the pattern but I am with the finished results. Putting it together was a snap and I found these oh so cute button, that are see through pink you can't even tell they on. I think I might knit a hat to go along with this, which would accomplish another knitting goal, using dpns.


Charleen said...

How cute! I love the way the variegated colors meet in the center. I'll have to look for some of the see through buttons, I like that idea of disappearing into the knit.

Sorka said...

What is the pattern you used for this one. It's cuuute!

Sorka said...

Oh duh!! I scrolled back a post and answered my own question! I was looking through that mag night before last! hehehe

bspinner said...

Great sweater!!!!! I love how you changed the colors and particularly the front.