Monday, October 05, 2009

Pick up Sticks, Sheds and Weaving

I wasn't too excited with this warp, and thought I could make the best of an attempted log cabin gone wrong, but then I needed to I'd do some fun stuff with it to keep me interested so I've been doing some work with the pick up sticks and am liking the results.
I'm going to change the pick up pattern through out the scarf then cut it and keep it for reference. this is a 2 x 2 pick up it doesn't look like much from the front but the back is really great. I crawled under the loom and took the next pic (yes, I've been know to crawl under this loom a few times) the floats are more defined in the back of the piece than the front and I really like the look of that side. I wonder is there a right and wrong side to weaving? I when I knit there is, but I never thought about it in weaving. I guess there could be, but who would know, unless its another weaver right? Yet another unanswered mystery at least for me.
When the pick up stick is placed in position this is the shed it creates, I usually shove the stick as close to the heddle as possible to open the shed as much as possible to throw my shuttle across. Sometimes I get ahead of myself and throw the shuttle throw the wrong shed opening, but then again that gives the fabric yet another look. It's not as bad as I thought the first time I did it I felts as if I'd committed a weaving crime, but then a wise weaver reminded me their is no weaving police, no one will come and take your loom away because you experimented with it, trust me those are words to live by.


Lynn Majidimehr said...

I've only done a bit of playing with a pick up stick, but mine must be wider/ thicker, as it created just one shed. I'm hoping to have time for more experiments. As far as right side of the fabric,I don't have a multi-shaft loom, but read somewhere that if you happened to warp with the shafts reversed, to just turn the fabric over when it came off the loom, although it could also have been when I was reading about charts being written for shafts that move up vs. shafts that go down. Anyway, it's possible to like the bottom more than the top, and I although I would prefer to see the top when I'm weaving, if I finished and liked the back better, I'd just use that side as the right side.

Leigh said...

It's a good think there aren't any weaving police because I'm sure a lot of us have committed a weaving "crime" or two *LOL

Sometimes there is a right and wrong side to a weaving in a sense. But Lynn is right, what matters most is which side you like best. That's the "right" side!

Great experimenting. I have to add pick-up to my list.

bspinner said...

Your scarf is lovely and as long as you're happy with it that's all that matters.

Glad there aren't any weaving police. I would have been locked up and looms taken away years ago.